Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

February 13, 2020

Finding The Best Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles

Pre-wedding jitters not only affect the future newlyweds but also their parents and even some guests. What are you going to wear? What style will you be going for at the wedding? And among the key figures at the center of the action is the Mother of the bride. It’s said that when a groom wants to find out how his wife will be in the next 20 years, looking at her mother is the answer. The wedding day is especially a big day for mothers. For this reason, there’s no better motivation for the future mother-in-law to look her absolute best. So they are more or less obliged to show up at the wedding looking elegant, sophisticated and even a bit trendy.  This article will help with picking the best Mother of the Bride Hairstyles.

Bridal Express are experts in making mothers of the bride especially beautiful on their daughter’s wedding day! Call us now at (866) 216-4534

Bridal Express are experts in making mothers of the bride especially beautiful on their daughter’s wedding day! Call us now at (866) 216-4534

Hair and makeup can really do the mothers of the bride and groom a world of good considering that all eyes will be on them alongside their children. Creative mother of the bride hairstyles will help all mothers of grooms and brides to look modern, classy, and a bit sexy even while looking age-appropriate at the same time.

Here’s what Bridal Express Hair and Makeup can do for you:

Mother of the Bride Hair Services

If there’s any day you deserve to get a full pampering and hair due, it’s should definitely be on the wedding day of your son or daughter. In fact, you have a right to look your absolute best! There’s a collection of mother of the bride hairstyles to choose from for the special day. Don’t let an unskilled person anywhere near your hair since they will likely do a poor job that ends up ruining the entire day. Bridal Express will style your hair exactly the way you want and help bring your hairstyle idea to fruition. Here’s why Bridal Express Las Vegas is the best choice to hire:

- Blow Out Hair; Most mothers are not used to getting pampered. The wedding is the perfect day to change that. A low out is a less intensive treatment to your hair and will give you a clean, sophisticated, and clear look. There is a range of blow out styles you can select to last longer in between washes and provide overall healthy and vibrant hair even after the wedding.

Hair Extensions; Let’s be honest; at this age, most of the hair is lost, isn’t growing, and just keeps getting shorter and shorter. But fear not! With hair extensions, you can have your hair down or in a variety of styling options to choose from.

Fully qualified hairdressers; Bridal Express hairdressers are more than qualified and have gone through intensive training. You can totally trust them with your hair. These hairdressers are conversant in the art and will use their expertise to create a custom hair look that will amaze.

The best thing about these hairdressers they are mobile so they can come to where you are. You need not worry about a no-show scenario. Their qualifications mean they will act professionally to make the day go smoother from the moment you come to an understanding of the when and where.

– Experience: With 15+ years of experience in the field, it’s sufficed to say that these Las Vegas professional hair and makeup stylists will most certainly do a good job. They have been around for a while now and can do various hairstyles, including their own innovative designs they have developed. You can check reviews to see what previous clients say. Reputation will speak for itself.

Here are but a few of the best creative mother of the bride hairstyles to choose from:

–Loose Curly Half Updo with Bouffant

– Half Up Curly Style with Highlights

Fancy Flowing Ponytail

– Soft Shoulder-Length Waves

– Upswept Hairstyle

– Subtle Curls and Bun

– French Roll for short hair

– Sleek Chignon with Bouffant

– Modern Updo

At Bridal Express, you can be assured to find any hairstyle you’re going for. Other than hairstyling, their team is super-friendly and will work towards pampering you from start to finish. The service will really have you feeling like a Queen. Seasoned makeup artists will make the entire experience enjoyable and fun-filled. You’ll be having fun even before the start of the wedding as you relax in a comfortable seat and get pampered.

Professional Makeup

As the mother of the bride, considering that all eyes will be on you as well, makeup professionally done can do you significant justice. Professionals will know the boundary of what’s too much or little application. This will help you not appear like a clown on your child’s birthday. Give how cruel father time is, makeup comes to the rescue of a woman and can shave off some years off you (maybe enough to be called the brides ‘sister’). Impressions always matter, and none so like the wedding day.

Tattoo Cover

were young too, and maybe they did some things they aren’t very proud of now or may it was. Whatever the case, as a mother, you should attempt to cover your tattoos so as not to draw attention away from your child. Plus, generally speaking, having tattoos is not something that bides well with most conservative families. Bridal Express offers tattoo coverings if the dress you will wear is a bit revealing. They have a technique that temporarily covers tattoos and makes it appear like it isn’t even there. They use a special makeup that looks natural, won’t rub off and will totally cover up the tat.

With expert mother of the bride hairstyles, you can rock the wedding scene full of confidence as you take every opportunity to snap a photo. For mothers, it’s like reliving their wedding day, but it’s their kids this time, which is even better.

Mothers are fully aware that hair is the crown of a woman. Not just anyone can tamper with it. Professionals in this field know how to, what to, and what not to apply on hair. So for people coming to coming to Las Vegas, Bridal Express would be the best choice to hire to have hair and makeup done. Book an appointment today! Call us today at  (866) 216-4534