How Long Will A Hair Blowout Last

Everyone wants to feel and look their best, and one of the finest ways to achieve that is with a blowout of your hair.

You want to know many things about this service, like what it will be like, how long it’ll take, and how much it will cost. But this article will focus on how long a hair blowout will last and other information you may want to know.


What Is a Blowout Hair

What Is a Blowout Hair?

A blowout is a distinctive hairstyle that uses heat and air to produce glossy, smooth locks with many volumes. Together with the use of the ideal products created to bring out the finest in your hair, the session also includes a thorough shampooing and conditioning experience.

Most blowouts are created over numerous steps to achieve the best appearance. Your stylist will first prepare your hair by using a shampoo that improves the condition of the hair, followed by a conditioner that hydrates and enhances the shine of your hair.

After towel-drying your hair, your hairdresser may apply a detangling product or a heat-protective spray, such as those from Amika or Pureology, depending on the current condition of your hair.

After that, blow dry your hair utilizing a high-quality round ceramic brush to distribute the heat from the drier to your hair. These tools and products give hair an exceptionally smooth appearance while removing frizz.

Lastly, the stylist will create the look you want using cool air and various products.


Factors That Affect How Long a Hair Blowout Lasts

A hair blowout is a popular hairstyling technique that uses heat and styling tools to achieve smooth, voluminous, and long-lasting hair. However, the duration for which a hair blowout lasts depends on several factors. Let’s explore some of the critical factors that affect how long a hair blowout lasts:

  • Hair Type. The natural texture and type of your hair significantly affect how long a blowout lasts. For instance, if you have fine or thin hair, your blowout may last less time than it would for someone with coarse or thick hair. Fine hair tends to lose its shape and volume more quickly due to its lack of natural density, which can result in a shorter-lasting blowout.
  • Environmental Factors. Environmental conditions such as humidity, rain, or excessive heat can impact the longevity of a blowout. Humidity, in particular, can cause hair to revert to its natural texture, resulting in frizz and loss of style. Similarly, exposure to rain or excessive heat from saunas, hot showers, or styling tools can cause the blowout to lose shape and bounce.
  • Styling Products. The type and quality of styling products used during the blowout process can also affect their durability. High-quality styling products such as heat protectants, volumizing sprays, and hairsprays can help extend the life of a blowout by providing hold and protection against environmental factors. Using products specifically designed for your hair type and the desired style can significantly affect how long your blowout lasts.
  • Styling Technique. The technique used by the stylist during the blowout process can impact its longevity. A skilled stylist who uses proper sectioning, tension, and heat control can create a more durable blowout that lasts longer. Using professional-grade styling tools and the proper styling technique can help set the hair in a way that maintains the style for an extended period.
  • Hair Care Routine. The aftercare and maintenance routine you follow after getting a blowout can also affect its lifespan. Avoiding excessive touching, brushing, or pulling on the hair can help preserve the style. Additionally, sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase and using dry shampoo or refreshing sprays can help extend the life of a blowout.
  • Personal Activities. Your daily activities can also impact the longevity of your blowout. Sweating from exercise, exposure to wind or water, or wearing tight hairstyles that pull on the hair can cause the blowout to lose shape and hold. Being mindful of your activities and protecting your hair can help maintain the blowout longer.

The duration of a hair blowout depends on various factors such as hair type, environmental conditions, styling products, styling technique, hair care routine, and personal activities. By considering these factors and taking appropriate steps to protect and maintain your blowout, you can help extend its lifespan and enjoy a longer-lasting, fabulous hairstyle.


How Long Will A Hair Blowout Last?

Your silky, straight hair should keep its style for three to five days after a typical blowout. As your scalp and hair become accustomed to your treatments, the longer you receive regular blowouts, the longer you can go between sessions.

Moreover, remember that if you’ve got very fine or oily hair, you should visit us more frequently. On the other hand, if you take good care of your hair in the interim, the keratin treatment during your Brazilian blowout may endure for a month or three to four months.

How to Maintain a Hair Blowout


How to Maintain a Hair Blowout?

Here are some tips on how to maintain a hair blowout and make it last longer:

  1. Avoid moisture. Moisture is the enemy of a hair blowout, as it can cause your hair to revert to its natural texture. Avoid activities that may introduce moisture to your hair, such as sweating excessively, taking hot showers without a shower cap, or getting caught in the rain. If your hair does get wet, use a blow dryer on low heat to dry it thoroughly so, it won’t be damaged.
  2. Sleep with care. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to preserve your hair blowout overnight, which reduces friction and prevents frizz. Alternatively, you can wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf or use a satin bonnet to protect your hair while you sleep.
  3. Limit styling products. While styling products like hairspray, mousse, and serum can enhance your blowout, too much can weigh down your hair and make it oily. Use minimal amounts of styling products, focusing on the roots and avoiding the ends of your hair.
  4. Avoid touching your hair. Touching your hair unnecessarily can transfer oil from your hands to your hair, causing it to become oily and lose its shape. Avoid running your fingers through your hair, and try to minimize touching or playing with your hair throughout the day.
  5. Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can be your best friend when doing a hair blowout. It helps absorb excess oil from your scalp, refreshing your hair and extending the life of your blowout. Apply dry shampoo at the roots, and use a brush or your fingers to distribute it evenly.
  6. Brush with care. When brushing your hair, to prevent tugging or to pull on your hair, use a brush containing soft bristles or a wide-toothed comb, which can cause frizz and breakage. Start brushing from the ends and gently work your way up to the roots to detangle your hair.
  7. Schedule touch-ups. A hair blowout will eventually lose shape and volume even with proper care. Schedule regular touch-up appointments with your stylist to maintain your blowout and keep it looking fresh. You can use a round brush and a blow dryer on low heat between touch-ups to revive your blowout.

By following these tips, you can help your hair blowout last longer and keep your treated hair looking smooth, shiny, and salon-worthy for days to come.



In conclusion, the duration of a hair blowout can vary depending on various factors, such as hair type, weather conditions, and individual hair care routines. On average, a hair blowout can last anywhere from 3 to 5 days, with proper care and maintenance. However, it’s essential to remember that several tips can help extend the lifespan of a blowout.

Additionally, it’s crucial to communicate with your hairstylist and follow their recommendations for aftercare to ensure the best possible results. Ultimately, the longevity of a hair blowout depends on how well you care for your hair and implement the proper techniques to maintain its style and freshness. So, go ahead and enjoy your fabulous blowout, and remember to pamper your hair to make it last as long as possible!


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