When you think of an elopement, I can bet that your mind immediately thinks of two lovebirds going to the courthouse or running off to an undisclosed to get hitched. Well, it’s quintessentially that and it needs considerably less planning, money, and logistics compared to a conventional wedding. Traditionally, relatives and friends took this personally as they saw like their ‘daughter’ had been stolen from them. But people have moved on from that mentally with eloping being more mainstream and accepted these days as a few relatives and friends are usually called as witnesses.

Nevertheless, even with the perks that come with eloping, you’ll need to put in your fair share of time preparing, planning and coordinating the elopement ceremony. When it comes to the location for the elopement, there’s no better place than Las Vegas! You as the bride will have to plan out exactly how you want the wedding scene to appear, and this includes your own hair and makeup. All brides always look to have their hair and makeup in tip-top shape at their wedding.
If you are eloping in Las Vegas and need your Hair and Makeup done before the wedding then you can count on us at Bridal Express to ensure you’re looking gorgeous. We are the leading hair and makeup service provider in the Las Vegas area and its environs. We at Bridal Express understand that most elopements are impromptu and usually have a limited timeframe to make everything come together, which is why our team of beauticians are always on-call and mobile. This means you can call upon them whenever you need them; they’ll come to where you are located.

Here’s why you should enlist our services when eloping in Las Vegas:



You’ll ideally want the person doing your makeup to really know what they are doing. When on the hunt for a hair and makeup service provider in Las Vegas to entrust with your elopement ceremony, the experience accrued should be the first prerequisite to look for. Our experience in the hair and makeup industry spans 15+ years, and we also do elopements. Our track record speaks for itself as we have happily serviced 5,000 brides and you can check out their online testimonials and reviews. We can anticipate likely problems of the day including the weather and will work to ensure it doesn’t ruin your special day.

We Offer A Range OF Styles

We understand that every bride has different preferences and tastes in terms of style. This is why we offer an expansive range of styles for the bride to choose from regardless of how unusual or unique the style is. It’s your wedding day and we’ll make sure that you appear exactly how you want. If you’ve always envisaged a certain style for your special day, you can rely on our skills and expertise to bring it to life.

Packages Are Cost-Effective

Weddings are costly affairs even if it’s an elopement. And when you elope to Las Vegas, you can only be imagining the exorbitant costs. You don’t have to worry about that with us. We at Bridal Express deliver stellar hair and makeup services at very competitive rates. In our way, we assist our clients to have the elopement comfortably within budget – it’s the least we can do. We provide an all-inclusive package that encompasses hair styling, airbrush makeup and lash extensions.

Final Word

Every woman knows how integral hair and makeup are to their appearance. Now imagine being a bride! Don’t have the time or doing your own hair and makeup is a hassle? With a million little things to deal with before the ceremony, why should stress yourself with this part? Enlisting a professional makeup artist and hairstylist helps remove that burden off your plate. Even if it will cost you, Bridal Express prices are very competitive and you can be assured of quality work. We know how important this day is to you which is why our beauticians will ascertain that your makeup comes off flawless throughout the day and your curls also remain in position. Enlisting us at Bridal Express is really a worthy investment to make. Remember that the wedding photos will be forever.