Military Ball Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas

March 17, 2021

Finding Hair & Makeup Military Ball Professional Services

Having an invitation to go for a military ball is more than a privilege. Typically, military balls are formal white-tie events. One will have to look their absolute best, and this means going all out when it comes to your Hair and Makeup. There’s no one better in the industry to get you ready for your military ball in Las Vegas, Nevada, than Bridal Express Hair and Makeup. Here’s what we can do for you:

Hair Services

When it comes to the styling of your hair, you can basically style it however you want but we have amazing ideas for your ball. You most definitely want to be asked where you got your hairdo. With this kind of pressure, finding a pro hairstylist becomes a daunting affair. But you should already have a certain hairstyle in mind when we come to you to do your hair. Some reasons for choosing Bridal Express Hair and Makeup for your military ball include:

-Experience: With over 12 years in the industry, it’s sufficed to say we have seasoned hair and makeup artists who are sure to do an amazing job. We can handle and perform tons of different types of hairstyles and also have styles that will leave you looking beautiful for the ball. To check out our track record, you can read our positive reviews from our previous clients on Google.

-Qualified Hair Dressers: Bridal Express ensures our hairdressers have undergone extensive training and are fully qualified and can be trusted with your hair. Our hairdressers have the expertise and knowledge as to how and what can be applied on hair. Our qualified hairdressers will do all the work so that you won’t have to and you will love the end result!

Makeup Services

The woman of today is nothing without her makeup. Having quality makeup services is the toughest job of them all considering that it’s the face one chooses to show the world. Bridal Express understand this and we will use the highest quality makeup to make you look beautiful for the ball. We have professional makeup artists who are exceptionally skilled and have the experience to pull-off your grandest of faces. Our team will do your makeup perfectly. Like everywhere else in life, first impressions will play a significant role as to how you’re perceived and it will be no different for the military ball. You will love your makeup!

Tattoo Cover

Having tattoos doesn’t bode well for a military ball event. These events are usually conservative and super formal, so one really has to follow suit. Bridal Express provide tattoo cover services in case you’re wearing a one-shoulder or sleeveless dress should you need it. Short dresses or revealing clothing that shows your coloring will come off more semi-formal. We temporarily cover the tattoo using a specialized technique to make it appear like it’s not there.

Bridal Express Hair and Makeup have 15+ years of experience in doing our craft and are more than equipped with the equipment and staff to make one look fabulous for their military ball event. Call us at (866) 216-4534 or text at (702) 326-0619 and schedule an appointment for an expert Hair and Makeup service today. We look forward to your call!