How To Avoid a Wedding Nightmare: Choosing the right wedding hairstyle for you!


How To Avoid a Wedding Nightmare: Choosing the right wedding hairstyle for you!


There are just as many wedding planning styles as there are brides! Some brides plan every detail to the last bobby pin, while others may be more willing to see where the curls end up. Either way, having a wedding hair plan can save you great stress when planning your special day! This article will help you how to choose the right wedding hairstyle.

Do you desire an updo for your hair? Let it fall in gentle waves? A half-up knotted hairdo? Maybe some braids? Wedding hairstyles are endless! Don’t worry! Take a deep breath, and let Bridal Express help!


If your wedding celebration occurs inside or during more relaxed environments, opting for those lovely cascading curls or any other hairstyle is safe. However, if you’re getting wed in a hot, damp environment, think about an updo, so you will not need to worry about kinky hair sticking to your back or your curls falling out. A skilled stylist can assist in ensuring your hairstyle holds up by using the right products and tools or hair extensions, as they are much more resilient to heat and humidity and hold curls better than your all-natural hair. Here in Las Vegas, we have the desert heat and wind. Our stylists know all about keeping your hair from wilting in the sun and are experts in choosing the right wedding hairstyle.


It’s straightforward to fall for an elaborate Pinterest hairdo to find that your hair isn’t long or thick enough to pull it off. In this situation, think about searching for hairdos that can be done on finer or shorter hair. Before your wedding day, check with your stylist – frequently, you can use hair extensions to accomplish the wedding hair of your dreams.

Adding in pretty hair accessories can go a long way in shaping your hair into your wedding vision. Jeweled hair pins, flowers, or vines are lovely! Just keep in mind the weight of the items – if they are too heavy, they can weigh on your style and bring it down.


Thinking of wearing a veil for your big day? If so, remember that veils require a more structured style to anchor the veil. Choose a tailored wedding hairdo like a twist or a bun rather than a soft updo to maintain your wedding event hairstyle.

Be sure to bring visual references to your hair stylist!

Share your overall goal and vision with your hairstylist, and provide images of what you want. That will help prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding and help you figure out how to choose the right wedding hairstyle. After all, everybody’s concept of the perfect soft updo or waves is entirely different. Narrow down your vision and be sure not to bring too many ideas with you – trying to add too many ideas will only look like a mess.

Remember – Bridal Express and your stylists are here to help you figure out how to choose the right wedding hairstyle and bring your wedding hairstyle vision to reality. In the end, communication is key! If you are getting married in Las Vegas, Nevada, we want to help you get your best wedding hair on for yourself and your bridal party!

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