Hair Extensions Las Vegas

Hair Extensions Las Vegas: The Benefits Of Extensions

If you want hair extensions Las Vegas salon professionals can do them for you. However, you should learn about the benefits of hair extensions and when you should consider having them done. The rest of this article will provide you with more info and then you can schedule an appointment to get your extensions.

Benefits Of Hair Extensions

The first benefit of using hair extensions is they are great if you want to change the color of your hair. You might not want to dye your hair or have it treated, and you might nor have the time to sit there for hours while getting your hair done. If that’s the case, then you should get hair extensions, which can instantly change the color of your hair. Here’s a tip, if you’re looking for a unique color, then consider getting extensions that are highlighted, that way your hair will be a few difference colors.

Another benefit is extensions can change your hair style in an instant. If you want to have longer hair and change your appearance dramatically, then get long hair extensions or medium-length extensions. With so many styles, you can get the look you’re after. You might be surprised at how different you look when you put extensions in, and best of all you can get temporary extensions or removable ones, which will allow you to change your look whenever you wish.

The third benefit of hair extensions is they are low in maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about having to take care of them. There’s no need to blow-dry your extensions or spend a half hour every single morning styling your hair when you have extensions. In fact, when you get hair extensions, you’ll spend far less time getting ready and you’ll be able to get out the door much sooner rather than later.

No more split-ends is another benefit of extensions. How many times have you had to treat your hair for split-ends? Well, if you get extensions put in, you can say goodbye to split-ends, and this will improve the overall appearance of your hair.

Types Of Hair Extensions Las Vegas Residents Can Get

There are several types of hair extensions, with each one offering their own unique set of benefits. One of the most popular types of extensions are tape-in extensions, which are exactly what they sound like. They are basically taped into your hair, but don’t worry because these extensions are reliable and durable, so they won’t fall out.

Other extensions include sew-in extensions and pre-bonded extensions. Micro-link are popular too, but do research on each type of hair extension before deciding which one to get. If you have any questions about any of these extensions, then speak to a professional. They’ll be more than happy to help you out and they can make recommendations.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

The curved sections of clip-in wefts, sometimes referred to as clip-in hair extensions, are strung together and secured at the root either with silicone or fabric. This base has ready-to-use clips attached to it.. All you need to do is attach the components to your own natural hair. Every clip easily opens and closes.

Since you can easily take off and reapply clip-in hair extensions whenever you want, they are the most permanent type of extension. Clip-ins typically take 5–15 minutes to perform at home, in contrast to other hair extension methods discussed here. Because they don’t use either of the aforementioned chemicals, pressure, heat, or even other installation techniques, clip-in hair extensions are also the safest method because there is no harm done to your original hair. Its popularity as the most common hair extension kind can be attributed to a number of factors.


In other words, hair extensions require very little maintenance and should only be washed after 15 to 20 wears, or if product accumulation makes them difficult to maintain. You simply shampoo, wash, and condition the hair as you would your own hair, then let it air dry!

Hair clip-in extensions could be styled in the same way as your own hair. They can also be straightened, curled, and dyed, but it is preferable to use a low thermal setting and a heat protectant before doing any heat treatment on the hair.


The treatment you give them, the materials you use, and how frequently you wear them will all play a role in this, once more. Clip-ins can endure anywhere between three and six months, around a year, and occasionally even further with good maintenance and consistent wear.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

The term “tape in hair extensions” accurately describes what they entail. Along both sides of your natural hair, these pre-taped extensions are taped or glued together. Tape-ins are often utilized by a hair stylist since you need to match them with both the roots, then heated equipment is used to warm up the glue. You would also need to get them taken off (using glue removal) and then put them back on. Normally, heating up your roots and using any adhesive, like glue or tape, might harm your hair. The application process typically lasts between 40 to an hour, and when the extensions are all in excellent shape, they may be reused.


By using conditioners and other hair care products alongside tape-in extensions, individuals must be extremely cautious because doing so increases the risk of the tape coming loose or coming off. The hair just slides off the tape-ins, which is a pretty typical problem. In order to make sure the glue sticks on your hair, hairstylists typically advise using specialized shampoos or conditioners as well as styling products which are milder and less greasy. Since they are made of human hair, you can style them whatever you like, but you should be careful around the roots where there may be glue or tape.


We classify tape-ins as semi-permanent. It frequently lasts 4 to 8 weeks without requiring to be taken off and reapplied. However, it varies on how carefully you take very good care of it and how rapidly your hair grows, just like with every other hair.

Weave or Sew-In Hair Extensions

When applying weave hair extension, the natural hair will be first braided into cornrows, and the weave is then sewed into the braids or curls using a thread and a needle. Because of how they are done, weave hairstyles are typically worn by people with thicker hair. In general, the weaving application procedure takes a very lengthy time (usually several hours.) It also does not work perfectly with thin or light hair due to the tight procedure commonly causes scalp tension and it might be extremely stressful or painful.

This technique is used by an expert hair stylist because it requires a lot of technical skill and expertise to be sewed in. Sew-ins are also available as wigs, which are sewed into braids in the same manner but with one continuous piece of hair rather than multiple wefts. Given that the hair is basically sewed into your hair and can’t be taken out, using hair extensions like these is the least permanent and smooth.


If you wear a weave, you should moisturize the scalp, nape, and borders of your hair, preferably once per week with deep conditioning solutions. Another common suggestion for persons wearing weaves would be to wash their hair with a protein-infused shampoo to prevent breakage, cut and thinning of the hair. The styling guidelines for current hair and synthetic hair are exactly the same, but due to the way long weaves are often worn in, genuine hair frequently comes through.


Around 6 to 8 weeks is the ideal time to take the weave out, especially if you’re attempting to grow your natural hair. You should only wear a full weave on your hair for at least four months because it will slow the growth of your natural hair.

Pre-Bonded and Fusion Hair Extensions

Using various materials, such as glue, fusion hair extensions, often referred to as bonding or pre-bonding, they are fused into natural hair. Pre-bonded hair extensions can often done by the hair salon and take about 3–4 hours to complete. Fusion extensions are possibly not appropriate for all clients because they severely damage your natural hair, therefore your stylists might even suggest against using them. A device that is similar to a hot-glue gun is used in the procedure to attach the hair onto individual natural hair strands. Pre-bonded hair extensions can also be applied using a heat clamp to dissolve the glue in its original hair.


The same care and management practices apply to fusion/pre-ponded application as to your natural hair. However, because the natural hair is growing, the extensions should be moved every 2 to 3 months. You can still use your regular products. Additionally, this technique may result in hair loss, thinning, and irritation of the scalp because of the various substances in the glue.


They are regarded as semi-permanent because they can last up to 4 months in your hair. This, however, varies depending on the type and growth of your natural hair, just like with all other kinds of hair extensions.

Hair extensions Las Vegas

Microlink Hair Extensions

Besides being called microlink hair extensions, several names for them include microbead or microloop. Those are all applied by utilizing tiny silicone-lined beads to affix tiny hair wefts to discrete pieces of natural hair. This bead is then fastened to the hair using a specific tool, then tightened to maintain its position. Microlink hair extensions may damage hair if improperly fitted by a qualified person, despite the fact that this method does not utilize heat or adhesive. If the bead is excessively tightly wound, pressure and straining at the hair roots may result; if the bead is not correctly released, the hair could be ripped out. Applying this technique takes between two and four hours.


They can be washed in the same manner as natural hair and styled with the same tools. Identical with fusion hair extension, microlink hair extensions require adjustment every 2-3 months as the healthy hair grows, and also the microbeads travel away out of the scalp.


The average lifespan of microlink hair extensions is 4 months, making them semi-permanent.

Wigs & Hair Extensions

Wigs and hair extensions can be put directly into your hair and available in a variety of shapes. Fun fact: Wigs were once referred to as “head coverings”, since they were designed to completely cover your head. It also applies to wigs with “lace fronts” as well as “netting,” which are merely fabrication techniques. Wigs are intended to cover the complete head and serve as a substitute for your natural hair. Wigs may be used for a variety of conditions, including baldness, hair loss, or just to change your beauty.

Different from other hair accessories, hair extensions frequently take the form of a knot, curly, and hair tie so that you can simply put them above one’s own hair. If a certain part of your head becomes thinning and you desire to add hair to it, you could use hair extensions. Alternatively, you can use hair extensions to change the look of your hair, such as by adding just one piece to a very long, thick ponytail to increase thickness.


Regardless of whether they’re real or synthetic, wigs and hair extensions may be a bit tricky to wash, so you need to be extremely careful. Full hair extensions are typically linked to plastic or another substance, so you must change how you wash and care for the hair.


It varies on whether they’re real or artificial, and again, how you handle them has a big impact on how long they last. If you treat them well, normal human full wigs usually last up to a year. The smaller parts are typically artificial and are designed to be used for no more than a month.

Hair Extension Color Options

We provide a broad and continuously growing selection of hair color options, including highlights. Everything, including blonde and brunette, white to gray, pink to black. You can message us images if you need assistance choosing the right colors, and our hair stylists will help you find the perfect match for your straight or short hair.

When To Get Extensions

The best time to get hair extensions is when you have a wedding coming up. Whether you’re the one getting married or you’re simply attending the wedding, getting hair extensions can be ideal for the occasion. If you want hair extensions Las Vegas professionals can make sure you get them put in well before the wedding date.

If you have a date coming up and want to look as nice as possible, then you should have extensions put in. However, you don’t need any reason at all to get hair extensions. You can get them because you want to change your look or because you want to try something new. Anytime is a good time to schedule an appointment for hair extensions.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost

This depends on various factors, such as the type of extensions you want and where you decide to go. Generally speaking, hair extensions are worth the price because of the many benefits they offer. Plus, before you actually sit down in the salon’s chair, you will know exactly how much you’ll have to pay.

A hair extensions Las Vegas salon can provide you with the types of extensions you want. As you can see, there are a number of benefits of hair extensions. All you have to do now is find a professional that does them and schedule an appointment with them. Bridal Express offers hair extensions in Las Vegas to help brides achieve the look they desire for their special day.